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Welcome to our Masterclass. We have designed this course to be done over 6 weeks but you will be granted access to the full content of the course upon signup*. This means you can go through at your own pace and pick and choose what you want to get out of the experience.  

The topics covered:

  • Week 1 - The Basic Rhythm Techniques

  • Week 2 - Scales and Syncopation

  • Week 3 - Chords, Dynamic and Time Signatures

  • Week 4 - Our approach to Writing Music 

  • Week 5 - Tone, Expression and Gear

  • Week 6 - Jamming and Improvisation

    * Including several hours of video lessons as well as a full 59 page Downloadable PDF Course booklet to learn along side with diagrams, Tabs, notes and general epic stuff curated by us to make sure no matter your style of learning you will be able to complete this course.

    We have priced the course at $80 AUD which is less than $9 USD per week... cheaper than the "basic Netflix" cost!


Be sure to read through the FAQ or contact us at

About The Course

*All prices are in AUD




Valid until canceled


What level of skill do i need to know on guitar for this course? We have created this course for begginner*, intermediate and some advanced players however there is the basis of everything you need to know to play this style, so if you know the basics of guitar you could follow along and complete the course at your own pace. *Begginners should have played for at least a year to understand some of the things we speak about in our videos.

Will you update the course as time goes on? There are some things such as new gear and techniques that we may update and add to the course if enough people are interested

How long will I have access to the course? We give lifelong access as long as you do not breach our terms and conditions (sharing the content we worked so hard to make)

Do you provide individual lessons? Contact us at if you are interested and we can discuss individual lessons at a price depending on our availability

Do I need a Laptop or Desktop computer to do the course? It is highly recommended you do the course on a laptop or computer. It is possible to have access on the phone but it is not a user friendly experience

Why should I choose your course over othe guitar courses We have now been playing this style for over 20 years collectively as well as toured and performed all over the world. We have a vast wealth of knowledge that we want to share so others can create music in their own unique way

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