week 6



This week we’re looking at the elusive art of jamming and what goes on in our minds when we jam. We'll also have a look at some principals that will help you get better at jamming with others alongside things you need to watch out for. 

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Intro and Jamming Tips 

All about the picking!

Some techniques that will help you get better at jamming.

The Jam

All about the picking!

Our approach to organizing ideas, and developing them

Analysing the Jam

All about the picking!

Let's break down what we're doing and thinking


Congratulations And Closing Thoughts

All about the picking!

You get all of our TABs!

Engage in the classroom

This is what you need to practice

How did you go? Did you discover any interesting sounds while hitting your guitar? Did you remember all the moves? How fast did you go? Broke any nails? Any questions? Play us one of your composition or pick any chords you’d like using this strumming technique. Here are the chords to Mexicana: E | F | E |G F

All about the picking!

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