week 5

Tone, expression and gear


This week we’re looking at tone and our signal chain from our hands to the music coming out of the speaker. With a focus on critical listening we show you ways in finding your own sound. We also throw in our top 10 tips to make your life easier as a muso! Let's go!

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Tone In The Hands


All about the picking!

On the road to finding your tone

About The Guitars

All about the picking!

Let's have a look at the guitars we use in studio and in live situations

Pickups and Feedback

All about the picking!

From acoustic to electric 

Pedals and Multi-FX

All about the picking!

How do we process our guitar signals?

EQs and FX

All about the picking!

Our approach to using EQs and FX

Kick/Stomp Box and Speakers

All about the picking!

Don't forget about the stomp!

Quick Tips

All about the picking!

Some tricks that we've learnt along the years 



All about the picking!

This is what you need to practice

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Engage in the classroom

How did you go? Did you change your sound in anyway? Talk about the approach you took to your sound and try to record some of the tones you came up with. Again ask us questions if you are unsure about any of this. Have fun and wear protection... Ear Protection!

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