week 4

Our approach to writing music


Now that we know more about chords and melodies, let's try to put them together. This is a sneak peak into our writing process and some of the things we've learned along the way. This week is all about getting inspired and starting to make music of your own.

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Inspiration and Writer's Block

All about the picking!

Some techniques that can help you get creative

Organising Ideas and The Evolution Of A Song

All about the picking!

Our approach to organizing ideas, and developing them

Dissecting Schmeckledy-Pop

All about the picking!

Let's look at a finished song and what we can learn from it 

1h Writing Session

How we work in a writing session. 



All about the picking!

This is what you need to practice



Engage in the classroom

Did inspiration strike? What was the most difficult part for you and what was the easiest? Show us what you came up with or music you've been working on. We are all here to get better at what we do so don't be shy and stay supportive with your classmates. As always don't hesitate to ask questions! 

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