week 3

Chords, Dynamics and Time Signatures


This week we’re looking at Alex's and Nadav's approach to finding new chords and building chord progressions. Nadav also reminds us of the importance of dynamics in music and shows us how we use different time signatures get more out of our music. 

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Alex's Approach To Chords

All about the picking!

Creating chords using theory.


Lost on some terms and need to have a look at some music theory? GO HERE.

All about the picking!

The importance of dynamics in your playing and how it affects music.

Time Signatures and Feel

All about the picking!

Let's take a tripe in time...

Creating Chords Using Your Ear

All about the picking!

Nadav shows you how you can create chords by just using your ear



All about the picking!

This is what you need to practice



Engage in the classroom

How did you go with building your own chords? Did you find any cool shapes and sounds? Show us some of your discoveries. One chord or an entre progression, whatever you are comfortable with working on. Check out some of the findings from you classmates and be sure to leave some positive comments! 

Take your time and don't feel diminished when you get stuck, just remember somedays you'll make minor improvements and other days you'll see major improvements. Eventually your playing will augment and transform into something better ;)

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