week 2

Scales and Syncopation


It's a big week ahead and it's filled with many great things for you! Now that you can play our basic strumming technique, let's have a look at some picking and single note lines. We will break down some important alternative picking principles, show you some scales we often use and Nadav will reinforce the importance of Syncopation in our music.


Ready, set....GO!

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All about the picking!

In depth look at our picking technique

Picking Exercise 

All about the picking!

Some excercise that will improve your picking

⚠️Theory Alert⚠️- The Scales We Use

All about the picking!

An indepth look at our favorite modes and scales, put your thinking cap on and let's play! 

Lost on some terms and need to have a look at some music theory? GO HERE.

The Importance Of Syncopation

All about the picking!

Syncopation, the space between the downbeats!

Dissecting Tribal Instinct

All about the picking!

Oh god! Syncopation, it's everywhere!! 


All about the picking!

Check it out



All about the picking!

This is what you need to practice


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Engage in the classroom

How did you go? Did you learn some new scales, any favorites? What did you find easy and what did you find difficult? Show us what you came up with if you managed to find anything. This is your platform to also ask us any questions, so if you need more info don't hesitate to ask. You can view each other's answer videos so go check out what your classmates may have found and some of the comments they might have left. Have fun!

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