For those of you who have pre-enrolled for the launch of our masterclass congratulations you get a 1 Week FREE Trial!

By signing up for our full 6 Week course you will get a copy of all of our TABs and Guitar pro files for, Lost Fables, The Hadal Zone, Mexicana and J.A.M upon completion of the course.

Before We Get Started

Here are some of the thing you'll need before starting the course. 

Our suggestion on nails and strings (worldwide shipping)

How To Put Nails On

Grab your glue and fake nails, it's time to get ready to play

About The Course

Your homework

Our course is structured like this.


We state the objective for the lesson.

Warm up and stretching and go through what you are going to need for this lesson.

We walk you through the theory and break down the movements in easy to understand sections.

We show you an example of the subject, a demo or use of the subject in its final context.



It's your turn to play, using what you've learned in the lesson you will be asked to apply this technique within the context of your chosen song, original music or in the demonstrated pieces. Take your time to practice a little everyday and jump to the Engage section of the topic to post and publish your result.


The Classroom 

That's where you interact with the rest of the class and post your progress video. You can view other student's submission and you can share your thoughts on the lesson. This is what makes this course so unique. We encourage you to engage with others as much as possible and who knows you might make some great friends and connections through the platform. We will be reviewing everyones submission and guide you as best as possible based on your individual progress. We will post answer videos as well. The community spirit is very important and we encourage everyone to participate and comment on each other's videos.


A Real Classroom Feel



Engage in the classroom

Post a video introducing yourself to the group, stating how long you’ve been playing guitar for and where you’re from. You can show your guitar and play a little if you want to but we just want to meet all of you! Make it less than 2min long please.

Grab your glue and fake nails, it's time to get ready to play

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